The Critical Role of Wrench Time in Maintenance and Reliability

Choose the right maintenance strategy

There’s a big difference between busy and productive. A lot of times, maintenance technicians are busy juggling hundreds of tasks in a day. They’re busy running around looking for spare parts, sitting down in meetings, taking breaks, or waiting on operations to give them access to equipment. They’re busy. But they’re not getting any productive […]

Without planning and scheduling you will fail

how to sell planning and scheduling to your ceo

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling is one of the 4 Essential Elements on the Road to Reliability™. Planning & scheduling, or work management as it’s often called, ensures the right work gets done, at the right time, with the right tools, materials, and people. Without an effective maintenance planning & scheduling process, you’ll never achieve high […]

How to stay reliable DESPITE maintenance budget cuts

How’s your maintenance budget?  Chances are you think it’s not enough.   And you resent that it’s been cut back for the umpteenth time.   Every organisation should have the necessary budget to execute the required maintenance.   But that’s often not the case, so…   “How do you stay reliable despite numerous maintenance budget cuts?”  Now, this is […]

Your CBM Efforts Will Fail Without Effective Planning & Scheduling 

This article first appeared in reliable plant. You can read the first version of this article here.  Many maintenance organisations around the world are reactive. They experience excessive breakdowns, low productivity, and high maintenance costs. To break this reactive cycle, a common solution organisations implement is Condition-Based Maintenance. The problem is this strategy rarely works. […]

Root Cause Failure Analysis Using The 5 Whys Method

As maintenance practitioners, we’ve all have heard about the 5 Whys. And chances are, many of us have used this approach to execute Root Cause Failure Analysis at some point in your career. While it may seem like a simple and easy-to-use tool to look for root causes, you need to approach the 5 Whys […]

How to get your leaders to support your maintenance improvement initiatives 

Introduction  “Management doesn’t want to invest in maintenance and reliability”.  Does this sound familiar?  It’s a common complaint I hear when I talk to maintenance practitioners.  And the discussion soon moves on to:  “Management doesn’t understand.”  “Management isn’t supportive of continuous improvement.”  “Management just wants to run the equipment and fix it when it breaks.”  […]

Maintenance Planners deserve BETTER. 

Maintenance Planners are the unsung heroes responsible for increasing your team’s productivity by at least 30%, translating to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars saved each and every year. Yet, despite the immense value they create, planners are often undervalued, and their role is misunderstood in many organizations.   In this article, we’ll dive […]

You can’t maintain your way to reliability

We often hear the phrase “maintenance is key to reliability”.  And while it’s true that proper maintenance is important, it’s not the only factor that determines your plant’s reliability. In fact, relying solely on maintenance to ensure reliability can be dangerous to your organisation.  In this short article, I’ll explain why that’s the case.  Maintenance […]

How to Close Out Maintenance Work Orders

close out maintenance work orders

In the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling process, close out work is the phase where we capture the information needed for continuous improvement. We collect data on: What went well?What can be improved?What didn’t produce good results? Sadly, close out is often seen as an admin burden.A waste of precious time.Something you don’t want to hassle […]

3 Major Sources of Waste in Maintenance

3 Major Sources of Waste in Maintenance

The concept of Lean has been around for a long time, but the concept of lean maintenance is not talked about that much. There are a few books written on the topic, but if I’m honest not enough is written about lean maintenance considering how important it actually is in our journey towards higher reliability. […]