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PM100: Developing and Improving Preventive Maintenance Programs

Achieve higher reliability and availability whilst doing less maintenance. Acquire the knowledge and tools you need to create a highly effective and efficient Preventive Maintenance Program.

The PM100 Developing and Improving Preventive Maintenance Programs online training course provides you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to eliminate up to 60% of your preventive maintenance tasks that add little to no value for your organisation. Whether you’re working in a manufacturing industry, mining, oil and gas, etc, the principles taught in this preventive maintenance online training course still hold true and applicable.

Throughout this fully online course, you will learn the simplest and most practical approach to creating an effective and efficient Preventive Maintenance program. You will learn the principles needed to reduce work-loads, reduces costs, and increase reliability. And you will learn how to use the different types of maintenance such as preventive and predictive maintenance.

To achieve these objectives, this preventive maintenance training course has been broken down into 8 modules, plus a bonus module. Each module consists of individual lessons.

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We also offer the following variations of this training course:

PM300 – Preventive Maintenance
Principles for Managers

This course will be a condensed version of the PM100 course and is aimed at arming maintenance managers, superintendents and supervisors with everything they need to know about preventive maintenance. 

With this course you will be able to effectively manage, challenge and support your team in in developing an optimal preventive maintenance program for your plant. Less work, lower costs, higher reliability.

PM400 – Preventive Maintenance
Principles for the Frontline

This course will be a condensed version of the PM100 course aimed at maintenance technicians and plant operators.

With this course under their belt, your technicians and operators will massively accelerate the speed at which you can improve your preventive maintenance program, because they finally understand the reliability principles that underpin a preventive maintenance program and can contribute effectively.

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Free Course Video #1:

In this lesson, we’re taking a bit of step back in time and look at how the view on preventive maintenance thinking developed over time. Understanding when, why, and how our insight into maintenance changed over time will help us better understand the topics we’re discussing later in the course.

Free Course Video #2:

In this lesson, we’ll delve deep into the principles that underpin an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program. This is probably the most important lesson in this whole course. If you can really understand and apply the principles of an effective preventive maintenance program, you are going to succeed on your Road to Reliability™

Free Course Video #3:

In this lesson, we talk about when you should do a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) study, both in terms of time as well in terms of what systems and equipment you should consider doing RCM on.

Free Course Video #4:

In this Lesson, we’re going to talk about creating well-written work instructions and why they are critical to driving quality in preventive maintenance. And that’s because effective work instructions are an important tool for managing human error. But also because they reduce variability.


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