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Are you frustrated that your company doesn’t invest in your training?


Lack of formal training could be the reason you’re missing out on promotions, raises, or lucrative job opportunities!

As a result, your earning potential may be significantly lower than it could be, limiting your ability to provide for your family. And your career might not be as challenging and rewarding as it could be.

We understand!


It’s not always possible to pay for training out of your pocket, when it’s already hard enough to provide for your family.

But here’s the dilemma: if you want to succeed in your career and earn more for your family, you need to invest in yourself. In your training and development.

The problem is, high-quality training programs, workshops, or online courses can be expensive, and free resources may not always provide the depth or industry-specific knowledge you need to succeed.

The purpose of the Reliability Academy Scholarship Program is to enable students who cannot afford our course fees to enrol in our online training courses at significantly reduced fees.

The Scholarship Program is primarily focused on students in developing nations, in medium sized companies that operate in asset-intensive industries.

However, anyone is free to apply for a scholarship and we will look at the merits of each application individually. We know that recent years have been a tough time for many Maintenance & Reliability professionals and we will not exclude anyone simply based on where you live or whether you are employed or not.

Our Scholarship Program covers 75% of the course fees. That’s massive value and our way of giving back to the Maintenance & Reliability community at large.

We now also have payment plans allowing you to pay the remaining 25% over a period of up to 5 months help with financing. 

3 simple steps to secure professional development
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Apply for scholarship

Complete the application form and submit it online. We’ll get back to you with the results within a few days.

Start learning

Learn at your own pace as you have lifetime access to your course inside our online Academy.

Secure that promotion

Apply what you have learned and showcase your new knowledge to help secure that promotion

PS100: Implementing Maintenance
Planning & Scheduling (Scholarship)

The Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Course (PS100) provides you not only with the knowledge and understanding of how planning & scheduling should work in an industrial environment, but also how to implement it. 

Throughout the course, we help you to understand how planning & scheduling will add value to your business. And we teach you how to implement planning & scheduling using a proven framework that combines both project management and change management principles.

The scholarship program brings the course fees down from $1995 to $495

PS200: Maintenance Planning &
Scheduling (Scholarship)

The PS200 Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of how planning & scheduling should work in an industrial environment and how it adds value. 

This course is the same as the PS100 course, but excludes the module on implementation and therefore does not grant access to the implementation framework, tools and templates

The scholarship program brings the course fees down from $1295 to $295

PM100: Developing and Improving
Preventive Maintenance Programs (Scholarship)

This course focuses on the principles and practices that you need to apply when developing or improving your Preventive Maintenance Program so you can achieve higher reliability and availability whilst doing less maintenance.

Experience has shown that between 40% – 60% of the PM tasks in a PM program add little value. Poor PM programs waste time and money, do not effectively address failures, and drive our organisations into a reactive, fire-fighting culture. This course will teach you how to identify those non-value-adding PMs and either improve them or eliminate them.

The scholarship program brings the course fees down from $1995 to $495

Meet your teacher

Erik Hupje

Hi, my name is Erik Hupjé, founder of the Reliability Academy and I will be your course director.

For the last 20 years’ experience in asset management, and specifically maintenance & reliability. And during those years I’ve worked in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Sultanate of Oman and Australia. My passion is for continuous improvement and keeping things simple.

Through the Reliability Academy, I help Maintenance & Reliability professionals around the globe – people like yourself – improve their plant’s reliability and their organisation’s bottom line.

I am a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Practitioner (CMRP), Certified Reliability Leader (CRL), Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Erik Hupje Accreditations and Certification

All the resources and templates you need to succeed


We made sure that you get value during your learning journey inside the scholarship program. That’s why apart from the training courses itself, you will also get access to the following:


Lifetime Access

Watch the video lessons at your own pace inside our learning management system. Anytime or anywhere, you can watch the lessons as many times as you want.


Discussion Forum

Have a productive conversation with other practitioners inside our discussion forums. Ask any question, or read other people’s questions that have already been answered.


Translation to other languages

We will be adding more language translations in the future. For now, Spanish and English language is available. But let us know if your team needs the course translated into your language.


Certificate of completion (PDF)

Certificate of completion (PDF)
Proof that you have accomplished an intensive training in Maintenance Planning & Scheduling from an accredited course.

Digital Credential

Receive a digital badge that you can add on your social media profile such as LinkedIn to further communicate your value and expertise. 


SMRP Recertification credits.

Fully aligned with Pillar 5 of the SMRP Body of Knowledge, a key step towards your CMRP or use the course for CMRP recertification credits

All templates required to document and implement processes taught in the courses

You don’t have to start from scratch. We’ll give you all the templates that you’ll need to start documenting and implementing your processes.

Q&A during office hours

Directly ask me any question relating to your enrolled course. Whether that’s about the theory or implementation in your organisation. 

Course slides (PDF), Transcript (PDF), and Audio (MP3) of all lessons

Everyone learns differently. If you prefer reading or listening over watching videos, then you can do that using the transcripts and presentation slides.

Here’s what our students say…

Since starting the Academy in 2018, we have helped 100+ companies, trained 1000+ industry professionals, across 50+ countries in all major industries. Here’s what our students say: 

Raymon Chizu

Raymond Chizu

Sales & Business Development Executive, WearCheck Tribology Services, Zimbabwe

“PS100 is the ideal course for anyone in Maintenance (individuals and organizations) who are focused on quality.

The beauty of this course is that every plant out there has the framework of maintenance planning and scheduling in place (already there’s a solid base to start on), all what is left is to implement the 6 elements of planning & scheduling in their correct sequence and apply the 6 principles of both planning & scheduling and see your productivity (wrench time) increase from an average of <30% to a respectable 45% or even go to a world-class figure of >55%.

For anyone who’s tired of firefighting in their maintenance culture, PS100 is the right course”

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh

Assistant Plant Manager, Seven Seas, Trinidad and Tobago

The training material provided in this course has been very relevant and the Instructor, Erik Hupje has been able to utilize his industry experience to deliver an exceptional online tutorial.

His reference to poor decision making, planning deficiencies and every other organizational shortcoming in Planning & Scheduling has been a true reflection of my experience.
Felipe Cabrera

Felipe Cabrera

Project Manager, Texas, United States

It has to be the best course I have ever taken on Planning and Scheduling.

It has to be the best course I have ever taken on Planning and Scheduling. Thank you for putting it on! I thought I knew Planning and Sheduling; now I do….

Vinicius Wittig Vianna

Vinícius Wittig Vianna

Offshore Planning Analyst, MODEC, Brazil

The experience in this training was very productive.

The concepts were explained in details with a operational and strategic view. Many practical exercises were proposed which added a lot in my professional responsibilities related to maintenance planning/scheduling.

Scholarship Criteria

When we review scholarship applications, below are some of the criteria we will use to select successful applicants:

  • The Scholarship Program is for individuals only.
  • We will look at the economic / financial situation of each applicant and whether they (should) have the ability to pay full course fees or not, now or in the near future.
  • We will look at employment situation and history of each applicant and look for signs that the organisation the applicant works for is likely to support implementation of what is taught during the course. If you are not employed we will try to assess whether the course is likely to increase your changes of finding employment (we can’t help with that though).
  • We will look for signs of motivation and review the track record of achievements in your personal and/or professional life.


Ultimately, we’re looking to help people that can and want to make a difference in their organisation and help build a Reliable Plant that becomes a force for good in their local community. 

Important Details

Below are some important details that we want to be clear about:

  • Successful applicants have 14 days to enrol in the course and make payment or the offer will be withdrawn  
  • Payment can be processed through Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and Western Union. Discuss this with our Scholarship Ambassador to find the best option for you.
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred. If you are offered a spot and do not act within 14 days your scholarship will be rescinded and you will need to re-apply in the future (keep in mind that new applicants will get preference).
  • There will be no refunds. 
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback through email regarding their application. However, they are encouraged to apply again.
  • The above is all to keep our administrative burden as low as possible.

Reliability Academy Scholarship Program FAQs

Experience shows that students who get free access to an online course have a much lower course completion rate than those who make a contribution. We want to help but we also want you to succeed and implement what you learn. And that requires a commitment from your side.

Furthermore, we will need to bring on additional staff to manage additional workload associated with more students and the administrative burden associated with the Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is intended to be largely self-funding so that it can be sustained into the future.

Yes. If you are awarded a Scholarship, you can opt to pay the full price of the PS100 (USD 395) or PM100 (USD 495) at once or opt for 5 monthly payments (USD 99 per month for 5 months for the PS100 or USD USD 129 per month for 5 months for the PM100).

Our experience shows that students who are not ready to enrol and request an extension often do not enrol. Spots are limited so we want to offer them to students who are ready to take action.

That said we also realise that for many students that receive a Scholarship this can be a big financial commitment which is why we grant you 14 days to get payment organised.

If you’re not 100% ready we recommend you wait and apply in the next round.

We would love to, but with hundreds of applicants that will simple not be feasible. We are a small and nimble organisation. If we have to give feedback to all applications we’d have to hire someone to help with this and that would increase our costs and prices.