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Key points

In this lesson, I talk about the value of planning and scheduling. I’m going to do that by walking through a detailed example in which I’m going to show you how you can increase your workforce by 35% without hiring anyone. Instead, you’re going to get 35% higher output from your existing workforce. And I’ll show you how to put a dollar value on that productivity increase.

And that is something very important, for when you are communicating with management in your organization to sell them the concept of planning and scheduling, being able to express the value of scheduling and planning in dollar terms will make it much easier to get management support. The key points I want students to take away from this lesson are:

What you’ll learn

This video is one of the 48 video lessons contained in the course “Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”.

Some of the other things we discuss in this module are:

  • The bigger picture of why Maintenance Planning & Scheduling is important to your success
  • The basic elements of a maintenance planning & scheduling process
  • How waste occurs in maintenance
  • How we use planning & scheduling to tackle this waste and become more efficient
  • Do you have protective functions? Do they have failure-finding tasks assigned?

Please note: if you are interested in the course in one of these languages either with subtitles or with a voiceover in your native language, please contact me directly. We are working hard on getting the course translated into all these languages, but this will take some time.
Video Transcript - LESSON 2.4

The Value of Planning and Scheduling

PS100: Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Learn what maintenance planning & scheduling is, how it creates value in an industrial plant and how to successfully implement it.

This course includes:
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