Why do we reward poor behaviour? 

When it comes to building a culture of reliability, what you say is important. What you do is even more important. But what you reward is KEY to your success. And we want nothing more than to reward good behaviour and good employees.  See, people must feel valued and committed to their work to sustain […]

My Personal Journey to Escaping the Vicious Cycle of Reactive Maintenance 

Working in a highly reactive maintenance environment is extremely stressful.  Imagine being trapped in a never-ending cycle of chaos, where every day brings a new crisis to manage, and you’re constantly trying to figure how to put out fires.   This is the reality for many professionals working in a highly reactive maintenance environment. The relentless […]

The Reliability Culture Ladder

reliability culture matters

When it comes to improving reliability in your plant, culture is key to your long term success. Without establishing the right culture your hard-won improvements will simply erode over time. And before you know it, you’ll be back in that vicious cycle of reactive maintenance. But what is reliability culture? And how do you measure […]

Technology is great, but the basics will make or break you

Diving headfirst into new technology might seem like a good idea at first. Especially when it comes to improving your plant’s reliability. In fact, when I ask my students and clients what their strategy is for improving their plant’s reliability, two common strategies that often come up are investing in a new CMMS…. or better […]

Why do Engineers insist on making things complicated?

Stock image engineer

Complicated solutions aren’t always the right choice.  They may look colorful and flashy—but they’re not always effective. Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest. They cost less money, take less time to do, and they’re easier to understand. But the thing is… humans like complex solutions. And here’s why: I read a study saying— “If […]

MTBF: What is it? And should you use it or ditch it?


Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is one of the most widely recognised and yet least understood indicators in the maintenance and reliability world. Manufacturers quote it as a rating of their products and industry uses it as a measure of success. But there is so much misunderstanding associated with MTBF that there is even an […]

How to Reduce Maintenance Costs Sustainably in 4 Simple Steps

4 steps to sustainable maintenance

Cutting maintenance costs is easy. Just stop doing the work and the costs are gone. Most industrial plants will keep running longer than we think when we adopt this type of indiscriminate maintenance cost reduction. But chances are we’ve all experienced the longer-term effects of bad decisions when it comes to reducing maintenance costs like […]

Why are we so bad at maintenance management?

Why are we so bad at maintenance management

No matter what industry or which country you look at, maintenance performance is pretty poor on average. That’s obviously not a good thing. But what makes it worse is that the principles of modern maintenance management have been well defined and documented for a good 30+ years. So why, after all this time, do so few organisations achieve […]