Proud to announce our partnership:

The Road to Reliability™ Scholarship Program for the TMI Africa Community

A unique and limited opportunity just for members of The Maintenance Institute Africa community

The Maintenance Institute Africa


At Road to Reliability™ our mission is to help you create a more reliable, more profitable and safer plant.

Reliable Plants are a better place to work, are more sustainable, less wasteful and can be a force for good in their local communities.

We have partnered with The Maintenance Institute Africa and created a limited number of Scholarships just for TMI community members in Africa.

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Program Description

At Road to Reliability™ we believe in being a force for good.

The purpose of the Road to Reliability™ Scholarship program is to enable less advantaged students who cannot afford our course fees to enrol in our online training courses at significantly reduced fees.

The Scholarship Program is primarily focused on students in developing nations, in medium sized companies that operate in asset-intensive industries. And that is exactly why we have partnered with TMI Africa so that through their extensive network across the continent we can reach more people who can benefit from this unique opportunity. 

The Road to Reliability™ Scholarship Program covers 75% of the course fees. That means that successful applicants will be enrolled in the PS100 course Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling at just 25% of the full course fee i.e. USD 395 instead of the full fee of USD 1,495.

We offer a limited number of Scholarships per quarter through quarterly Scholarship Rounds. 

However, we have created a limited number Scholarships just for TMI Africa community members!

Currently the Scholarship Program only covers the PS100 Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course, but we expect to expand this offering from the Q3 2022 Scholarship round onwards with the addition of the PM100 Developing and Improving Preventive Maintenance Programs.


The remaining dates for the 2022 Scholarship Rounds are as follows:

Q2 2022 Scholarship Round:

15th June 2022 – Applications close
30th June 2022 – Successful applicants will be notified by email

Q3 2022 Scholarship Round:
1st July 2022 – Applications open
30th August 2022 – Applications close
15th September 2022 – Successful applicants will be notified by email

Q4 2022 Scholarship Round:
1st October 2022 – Applications open
30th November 2022 – Applications close
5th December 2022 – Successful applicants will be notified by email

How to Apply

Application is via an online form (see link below) which will only accept applications when Scholarship Round is open (see dates above).

PLEASE NOTE: The application form, once started, cannot be saved, so we recommend that you prepare your application in advance in a separate document. 

As part of your application, you will be asked to write short essay responses (300-500 words) to the following questions / prompts:

  • Tells us about you as a person, about your life and your aspirations in life.
  • Please share a summary of your career to date and what you hope to achieve professionally in the next 3-5 years.
  • What is one achievement in your professional career to date that you are most proud of?
  • Why do you need a Scholarship for the course “Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”?
  • How will you ensure that you will implement in your organisation what you learn during the course? What level of support do you have for this from your management?
There will also be a number of administrative questions like contact details, employment situation, education etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for one of the TMI Africa Scholarships it is essential that in Question 9 of the application form you indicate that you found out of the Scholarship Program via TMI Africa.



When we review scholarship applications, below are some of the criteria we will use to select successful applicants:

  • The Scholarship Program is for individuals only.
  • We will look at the economic / financial situation of each applicant and whether they (should) have the ability to pay full course fees or not, now or in the near future.
  • We will look at employment situation and history of each applicant and look for signs that the organisation the applicant works for is likely to support implementation of what is taught during the course. If you are not employed we will try to assess whether the course is likely to increase your changes of finding employment (we can’t help with that though).
  • We will look for signs of motivation and review the track record of achievements in your personal and/or professional life.
  • Ultimately, we’re looking to help people that can and want to make a difference in their organisation and help build a Reliable Plant that becomes a force for good in their local community. 

Important Details

Below are some important details that we want to be clear about:

  • The Scholarship Program current only extends to the Professional Edition of the course “Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”. And that is we because we want out successfully applications to make a difference in the companies they work. That means applicants need to learn how to implement the theory that is taught in the course. The implementation of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling is covered in Module 10 of this course (and is not included in the Student Edition of the course).
  • Successful applicants have 14 days to enrol in the course and make full payment of USD 395 (or opt for 5 monthly payments of USD 99) or the offer will be withdrawn  
  • Payment will have to be online using a credit card or PayPal, at this point bank transfers can not be accepted due to the administrative burden. in future rounds we hope to be able to offer more payment options.
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred. If you are offered a spot and do not act within 14 days your scholarship will be rescinded.
  • There are will be no refunds. 
  • There will be no personal feedback provided to unsuccessful applicants, however unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply again in future Scholarship Rounds.
  • The above is all to keep administrative burden as low as possible.

Road to Reliability™ Scholarship Program FAQs

Experience shows that students who get free access to an online course have a much lower course completion rate than those who make a contribution. We want to help but we also want you to succeed and implement what you learn. And that requires a commitment from your side.

Furthermore, we will need to bring on additional staff to manage additional workload associated with more students and the administrative burden associated with the Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is intended to be largely self-funding so that it can be sustained into the future.

As of the Q4 2021 round we do offer a payment plan. If you are awarded a Scholarship you can opt to pay USD 395 at once or opt for 5 monthly payments of USD 99 (which comes to USD 495).

Our experience shows that students who are not ready to enrol and request an extension often do not enrol. Spots are limited so we want to offer them to students who are ready to take action.

That said we also realise that for many students that receive a Scholarship this can be a big financial commitment which is why we grant you 14 days to get payment organised.

If you’re not 100% ready we recommend you wait and apply in the next round.

We would love to, but with hundreds of applicants that will simple not be feasible. We are a small and nimble organisation. If we have to give feedback to all applications we’d have to hire someone to help with this and that would increase our costs and prices.