Reliability Coaching

Get support with your reliability journey no matter where you are.

The importance of coaching

After education comes implementation. Once you and your team understand what needs to be done and how it needs to be done… it needs to be done. 

You need to take your newly gained knowledge and make the changes required to become a Reliable Plant.

If you don’t, then all that valuable knowledge you’ve gained through training and education becomes almost worthless. Implementation is the key to success… which is why all our courses are so practical and focus on how to implement what you learn.

But, we know from experience that it’s easy to get stuck along the way. Instead of calling expensive consultants to fix your problem, we strongly believe that you should learn how to implement reliability improvements yourself. And we can help you do this with our online coaching solution.

Online coaching can be as simple as a few hours of ad hoc support and advice to help you fix a particular problem. Or it can be a structured longer-term process focussed on your personal development as a manager or supporting you to implement a major change in your team and organization. It simply depends on what you need. Online coaching is not only much more cost-effective than hiring external consultants, it also builds capability.

That makes coaching not a cost, but a long-term investment in your success.

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