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the Road to Reliability™

R2 Reliability Pty Ltd is a start-up company on a mission to create Reliable Plants in every corner of the world by providing top-quality online training and coaching to maintenance & reliability professionals. We are a breath of fresh air.

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We help you improve your bottom line by building a Reliable Plant. You will increase your production, lower your costs and create a better, safer and more productive work environment.

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We believe in your people and empowering them to drive maintenance improvement in your business.

We also believe in keeping things simple. Most reliability and maintenance frameworks or improvement programs just over complicate things. Research and our own experience shows that the best performers are those that do the basics really well. So that is what we focus on.

We are different from the herd because we encourage you to frame and deliver your journey to reliability using your own staff as much as possible rather than hiring expensive, outside consultants.

Our self-help model is much more cost effective, develops your personnel and is actually sustainable in the long term.

And because we keep things simple it all just works. In fact, it can work wonders.

We care about your success. Because your success is our success. We can only survive and thrive as a business if you succeed on The Road to Reliability™.

We give you every tool you need to succeed. We go out of our way to make things as simple they can be. We offer virtual coaching and consultancy to help you make the change happen.

We are with you every step of the way.

Our customers choose us because we have delivered change ourselves, because we offer an effective delivery framework and because we make complicated things simple.

But our ‘self-help’ model is not for the faint hearted.

Our services are for those organisations who want to change, want to succeed and want to become world-class.

We offer a very cost effective solution. Ideal if you have limited access to specialised training and consultancy services because of where in the world you are located, or because you can’t afford to pay the usual high fees, or you look for more value in the services you buy.

We provide world class training, coaching and consultancy services at very competitive costs because we leverage online technology and focus only on the important things. Remember we keep things simple.

Online training, coaching and consultancy services are efficient and can be very effective if all involved are motivated to succeed.

We know we are. Are you?

Ready to travel the Road to Reliability™?

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