Learn what maintenance planning & scheduling is and how it creates value in an industrial environment.

The PS200 Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Online Training Course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of how planning & scheduling should work in an industrial environment, and how it adds value to your business. 

This course is the same as the PS100 course, but excludes the module on implementation and therefore does not grant access to the implementation framework, tools and templates.

And much more… from setting quality standards for new work request, to the most important planning & scheduling KPIs and how to calculate them, to how to deal with emergent work during the execution phase and how to get on top of the large amount of emergency work that most reactive maintenance organisation struggle with.

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To achieve these objectives the course has been broken down into 9 modules, each module consisting of individual lessons. In total there are 41 lessons and approximately 12 hours of pre-recorded videos.

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We offer volume discounts when you enrol your team. 10% discount for 3 or more students. 20% discount for 10 or more students.

We also offer the following variations of this course:

PS100 – Implementing
Maintenance Planning
& Scheduling

The Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Course (PS100) provides you not only with the knowledge of how planning & scheduling should work in an industrial environment, but also how to implement it. 

This course helps you to understand how planning & scheduling will add value to your business. And teaches you how to implement planning & scheduling using a proven framework that combines both project management and change management principles.

PS300 – Maintenance
Planning & Scheduling
for Managers

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for Managers Course (PS300) is a condensed version of the PS100 course. 

This course consists of 16 video lessons that tackle all the key concepts around maintenance planning & scheduling that a manager needs to understand so he/she can effectively lead an implementation and/or drive continuous improvement. 

PS400 – Maintenance
Planning & Scheduling
for the Frontline

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for the Frontline Course (PS400) is a condensed version of the PS200 course. 

This course consists of 15 video lessons that tackle everything a frontline operator or maintenance technician needs to know and understand about maintenance planning & scheduling to effectively support the process and execute their role in it.

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Free Course Video #1:

In this lesson, we will delve into the detail what Planning and Scheduling really is. We look at the basic elements that go into any planning & scheduling process, no matter what industry you’re in. And we discuss in more detail the difference between planning & scheduling.


Free Course Video #2:

In this lesson, I talk about the value of planning and scheduling. I’m going to do that by walking through a detailed example in which I’m going to show you how you can increase your workforce by 35% without hiring anyone. Instead, you’re going to get 35% higher output from your existing workforce. And I’ll show you how to put a dollar value on that productivity increase.


Free Course Video #3:

Although this is the fairy long lesson, there is a single objective. It is for you to know and understand the 6 Principles of Maintenance Planning. These principles outline what your organisation must put in place in order to achieve the effective planning process.  


Free Course Video #4:

In this lesson, we’ll discuss why scheduling is a continuous process and look at scheduling as a process of a conveyor belt with buckets of work that the scheduler needs to fill. Looking at scheduling like this will help to understand how the continuous development of a frozen weekly schedule works, and how it combines with developing a draft schedule for future weeks.


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P.S. Getting your Planning & Scheduling in order is really one of the most important steps you can make on the Road to Reliability™. With planning & scheduling you create more stability in your work, increase efficiency and finally make some time for proactive maintenance activities.

With this online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course there is no reason to wait any longer. You can learn straight from the comfort of your chair and with no need to travel it’s more affordable than ever before.