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Key points

Although this is the fairly long lesson, there is only a single objective. It is for you to know, and understand, the 6 Principles of Maintenance Planning. These principles outline what your organization must put in placeto achieve an effective maintenance planning process.​​

If you fail to implement these principles, your planning process will not deliver the results you need. Your planning process will fail.​

The Planning Principles that I will talk through this lesson are very much based on the Maintenance Planting & Schedule Handbook written by Richard ‘Doc‘ Palmer. His book is probably the closest thing to an industry standard for Planning and Scheduling that I know of. It is a great reference book, and it’s now updated to the 4th edition, but it is not a quick read with over 900 pages!

To be clear what I teach in this lesson about Maintenance Planning Principles is aligned to the principles outlined in Doc Palmer’s book, but I have made some changes based on my own practical experience from the last 20+ years.

What you’ll learn

This video is one of the 48 video lessons contained in the course “Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling”.

Some of the other things we discuss in this module are:

  • The bigger picture of why Maintenance Planning & Scheduling is important to your success
  • The basic elements of a maintenance planning & scheduling process
  • How waste occurs in maintenance
  • How we use planning & scheduling to tackle this waste and become more efficient
  • Do you have protective functions? Do they have failure-finding tasks assigned?

Please note: if you are interested in the course in one of these languages either with subtitles or with a voiceover in your native language, please contact me directly. We are working hard on getting the course translated into all these languages, but this will take some time.
Video Transcript - LESSON 4.2

Principles of Maintenance Planning

PS100: Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Learn what maintenance planning & scheduling is, how it creates value in an industrial plant and how to successfully implement it.

This course includes:
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