Map out your new corrective process using this best practice workflow. Easy to use. Easy to understand.
corrective maintenance work order process

With this Maintenance process flow, you'll be able to:

No, the Maintenance Process Flow is a simple tool created in Microsoft Excel. You can edit the text inside the template as needed.

The Maintenance Process Flow is pretty straightforward to use and our article Without planning and scheduling you will fail provides some additional guidance.

If you find the Maintenance Process Flow useful then don’t forget to check out our Planning & Scheduling Scorecard. It is a simple online assessment that helps you to score your current performance in maintenance planning & scheduling and provides customised advice on where and how to improve your performance based on the answers you provide.

The Planning & Scheduling Scorecard is a slimed down version of the in-depth Audit Tool we offer as part of the Planning & Scheduling training which assesses your planning & scheduling process across 10 different areas, using around 140 questions and then plots performance on a spider chart.

Map out your new corrective process using this best-practice workflow.