Reduce variability in task execution and improve the effectiveness of your PM Program by creating sufficiently detailed Work Instructions
Wordpress_Guide on Maintenance Work Instructions Content & Structure

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Maintenance work instructions are an essential component of any maintenance program. They guide maintenance technicians through the necessary steps to inspect, repair, and maintain equipment and machinery.

Without them, technicians will struggle to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased downtime, decreased productivity, and potentially hazardous work environments.

By using this guide, you’ll have an idea on the structure of what effective work instructions look like. I’ve also included a list of reminders and best practices you need to keep in mind so that you can create work instructions that increase your work quality, improve safety, and reduce variability in tasks.

No, this is a simple guide in PDF format. The guide includes a structure you can follow for creating your work instructions; and a summary of reminders and best practices that you need to keep in mind.

The guide on creating work instructions that work is pretty straightforward to use. You can print the table that is included inside so you have a physical copy on your desk.

This guide will help you create work instructions that reduce variability in task execution, increase the quality of your work, and improve your overall safety.