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Find out how the Road to Reliability™ Framework applies in the Oil & Gas industry.
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Industry overview

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest industries in the world in terms of dollar value, generating an estimated $3.3 trillion in revenue annually. Oil and gas have played a central role in our global economy and modern history ever since “Colonel” Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859. The industry has come a long way since those early days and is now applying some of the most advanced technologies available.

My background

Personally, I have worked most of my career in the upstream and midstream Oil & Gas industry including onshore plants, offshore platforms, mature assets, mega greenfield projects, LNG plants and unconventional gas.

I worked in the UK (Southern North Sea), the Philippines (Malampaya) and Asia Pacific in general, Oman (Qarm Alam Steam project) and Australia (CSG and LNG).

Because of that diverse experience I understand the issues the industry faces when it comes to how maintenance and reliability are perceived and managed across the industry.

Common maintenance & reliability challenges in oil & gas

The oil & gas industry has for decades been dominated by capital expenditure, with limited focus on maintenance for a very long time. Once the ‘easy oil’ started to disappear the industry realised that by increasing uptime you could effectively increase your production by the same amount as a new multi-billion dollar greenfield project. And for a lot less money, and a lot less risk.

Although reliability and availability are worth a lot in the Oil & Gas industry, literally billions, both have been neglected for a long time. That has steadily changed in the last couple of decades, but many oil & gas plants across the industry still struggle with low maintenance productivity, reactive maintenance environments with a lot of repeat failures and ineffective & inefficient preventive maintenance programs.

What is not uncommon to see in the industry – but it still surprises me when I come across it – is to see a company or plant using very expensive systems and equipment supported by some of the most advanced monitoring systems, tools, software, and highly capable people yet at the same time still struggling with the basics I just mentioned.

Applying the Road to Reliability™ Framework in the Oil & Gas industry

And that’s exactly why the Road to Reliability™ framework is highly relevant to many companies operating across the Oil & Gas industry.

It is a simple, but effective framework based that will help you to get the basics in place, the basic that really matter and that will significantly improve both your availability as well as your reliability:

Effective planning & scheduling to increase your maintenance productivity, typically by about 35% when you go from an industry average of 30% to a more acceptable performance of 45%.

Fit-for-purpose preventive maintenance programs that eliminate non-value adding PM tasks that have slipped in over time as a response to audit findings, equipment failures, or safety incidents.

A focus on defect elimination and root cause analysis to ensure you steadily move from forever fixing to fixing for ever. You need to combine a simple bad actor identification process with fact-based RCA as a top-down approach to your repetitive failures. At the same time, you want your frontline to develop a defect elimination culture where minor problems are identified and resolved before they become bigger issues.

These three basic processes need to be underpinned by effective leadership and a support culture. Without leadership you will not make progress or change, but without cultural change your improvements won’t be sustained. Unfortunately, this is an area where many maintenance managers and plant managers struggle.

And it doesn’t really matter whether you operate an offshore platform, an onshore LNG plant, a refinery or unconventional oil or gas fields, in all cases these basic practices will drive significant value. And in all cases, you can make huge improvements using your own staff. 

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