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If your maintenance crew had one EXTRA hour a day

Plenty of maintenance teams struggle to finish their tasks within the day.

“We just don’t have enough time to do everything.”

So in an effort to catch up, they work long hours. 

What’s worse is, that they sacrifice improvement initiatives, self-care, and team building. They lose sight of long-term goals in favor of short-term fixes.

But despite working around the clock — the backlog keeps growing. And the plant is nowhere near the desired reliability. 

As a result, burnout and low morale become common in the workplace.

But what if… your maintenance crew had one extra hour to work with every day? 

No new hires. 

No overtime is needed.

There’s no lazing around. 

All their tasks for the day have been completed with an hour to spare. 

That’s 5 extra hours a week!

(7 hours if you count weekends).

What would you do with that extra time?

  • Identify your bad actors?
  • Eliminate repeat failures?
  • Improve your Preventive Maintenance?
  • Train your crew in precision maintenance practices?
  • Hold a team BBQ to improve morale?

The possibilities are endless!

With just an extra hour of breathing room every day — you’ll have enough space to grasp the bigger picture of what’s happening in your plant.

You’ll have time to think. Time to plan. And time to regroup.

That’s how important having that extra hour is for your team. And you can get that extra hour — if you implement effective planning and scheduling.

Get more hours through Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling is all about maximizing your maintenance productivity by ensuring the right work gets done at the right place and time — with the right tools, materials, and people. 

You need planning & scheduling to remove delays, and enable efficient and effective maintenance. Without it, you will find yourself with long and unnecessary outages.

Unfortunately, most planners and schedulers I talked to aren’t formally trained in Planning & Scheduling. They simply “learn on the job”. That’s why they usually lack the skills and knowledge necessary to bring their team to peak efficiency.


If your team is trained to implement the Planning & Scheduling element of the Road to Reliability framework, you can actually get up to three extra hours a day. That’s equivalent to a 35% increase in your workforce, without hiring a single person.

And that’s not an exaggeration—

It’s the result of 20+ years of industry experience on what works, backed by industry research.

Let me share with you the results from one of our clients.

TIP Trailer Services — a company that offers repairs, maintenance, trailer rentals, and equipment leasing — has 144 locations across Europe and North America with over 7,000 satisfied customers.

They’ve implemented the Planning and Scheduling element of the Road to Reliability in their Operations across France, Italy, and Spain.

“Today we do exactly what is proposed in the course: a weekly schedule, backlog review, and daily planning. Work orders are identified, prioritized, planned…”

And after only a year of implementation…

Has resulted in:

16% increase in direct productivity

7% increase in total productivity

Indirect Hours have decreased from 10% to 5%.

And they’ve reported that those results translates to approximately a 7-figure increase from their previous year! (I can’t disclose the actual number)

The VP in charge of the program recently shared with me that this was “the best training I have taken in over 40 years of my career”. 

That’s why…

If want extra hours for your team and improve your bottom line through planning and scheduling… then the first step is understanding where you currently are in your planning and scheduling efforts. The good news is that we have a FREE tool that measures this.

The Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Scorecard

The Scorecard is designed to help Plant Managers and Maintenance Managers assess their Planning & Scheduling performance across 6 key areas.

Simply answer 40 quick questions, and you’ll receive a personalised 20+ page PDF report instantly. You’ll get clear, actionable advice—customized according to how you answered the scorecard. 

It takes less than 10 minutes.

It’s completely free.

And you’ll receive customised results instantly

This is a quick and practical alternative to our full-blown Planning & Scheduling Assessment Tool which consists of over 140+ questions over 10 elements. Take the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Scorecard now and receive free customised advice in just minutes.


What would you do with an extra hour a day?

Let us know down in the comments below. An extra hour a day already makes a big difference in your working environment.

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